Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who Killed Love by Zeljko Obrenovic

"Who Killed Love" is a story about the young, successful writer who meets a mysterious girl that will infect him not only with love but also with insomnia. While struggling under pressure as the deadline for his second book approaches, the last thing the writer needs is a nightmare of jealousy which will not end without casualties.

David Hine (Silent War, The Bulletproof Coffin): "An artfully-written story. I really liked it. The misdirection of the opening page really had me fooled. I was expecting a clichéd murder story and got something entirely different and far more thought-provoking.


Serbian psycho is an intellectual horror-thriller that leaves the taste of blood in your mouth. Novel is based in modern, imaginary Belgrade, where only lunatics can live. Mathematics, chess, chemistry and several women which the reader encounters cannot help the main character solve the riddles he constantly spins around. Catharsis comes hand in hand with the beatings, which the main character seems to have deserved. We need more novels such as this. - Maxim

The most brutal Serbian novel of the third millennium! Obrenovic and Ilic cut the contagious tissue of contemporary literature with surgical skill. If they do not kill us – we will be healed. - Yellow Cab

New, refreshing blood in Serbian literature. A lot of blood! - FHM

Zeljko Obrenovic graduated at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, majoring in Serbian literature. He wrote the novel "Residue" (pub. by Booking, 2012) and co-wrote the novel "Serbian Psycho" (pub. by Laguna, 2007). He is a winner of the Academy of Arts award in the literary contest "In Search of a New Story". The novel "Serbian Psycho" and the short story "Who Killed Love" were translated into Polish.

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